Vodafone app

A clear overview

A clear overview

The Vodafone mobile app offers customers a detailed overview of their services, plus the ability to top up their mobile data and interact with customer service.

We based the design on Vodafone Iceland’s website and digital branding, and built the app using React Native.


Project roles

Creative direction

Mobile/responsive design

UI/UX design

Front-end development

Back-end development


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A few words from the client

When the paths of these two companies crossed again in the summer of 2016, we immediately saw the positive dynamics that existed between us, and the results have not disappointed. Kosmos & Kaos undertakes its projects diligently and employs incredibly creative employees with extensive experience from the website programming sector. The collaboration has been highly informative and first and foremost enjoyable.

Auður Karítas Þórhalsdóttir

Vodafone web manager